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Fertility Evaluation – Medical History

The first visit usually involves a detailed medical history taken in our clinic. During the medical history, you will be asked questions about your menstrual period, abnormal vaginal bleeding or discharge, pelvic pain, and disorders that can affect reproduction, such as thyroid disease. 

If you have a male partner, both of you will be asked about the following health issues:

• Medications (both prescription and over-the-counter) and herbal remedies.
• Illnesses, including sexually transmitted diseases and past surgery.
• Birth defects in your family.
• Past pregnancies and their outcomes.
• Use of tobacco, alcohol, and illegal drugs.
• Occupation.

You and your partner also will be asked questions about your sexual history:

• Methods of birth control.
• How long you have been trying to become pregnant.
• How often you have sex and whether or not you have difficulties.
• If you use lubricants during sex.
• Prior sexual relationships.

We may talk about the stress of infertility and ways to deal with it. Talk with us about any concerns you have.