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I fly often for my work, but now that I have become pregnant I am worried about how the radiation levels could be affecting the baby. Is it still safe to fly throughout my pregnancy?

The amount of cosmic radiation received during airline travel is below the level at which there begins to be concern about possible harmful fetal effects.The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) recommend limiting the maximum cumulative radiation exposure received over one year to 100mrem. For example, woman on a round trip flight from New York to Tokyo would be exposed to approximately 15mrem cosmic radiation; for a round trip flight across the United States, the exposure would be 6mrem.Talk to your doctor if your expected travel during pregnancy exceeds this amount.

My mother told me that I should stop exercising, at least for the first trimester, is this true?

If exercise was a part of your daily routine pre-pregnancy you may continue as usual . If you are not accustomed to exercising regularly, now is a grat time to start slow with mild exercise such as walking, swimming or prenatal yoga classes, and build up to 30 mins per day, You will be fitter for a smoother labour and easier weight loss postpartum. Ease off if you feel unusually tired, sore or breathless during or after exercising. Remember to hydrate well, and avoid overheating,especially during summer. Above all, listen to your body and adjust accordingly, but ther is no need to avoid exercise altogether.

I'm travelling soon and wondering if its safe for me to pass through the metal detectors and X-ray body scan at the airport.. should i avoid them?

These security machines are indeed safe to use during pregnancy. Latest research shows that hand-held metal dectectors and walk-through metal detectors do not pose a risk

Where is Ferguson Women's Health (FWH)?

FWH is currently practicing in the state-of-art medical facility - American-Sino Women's & Children's Hospital. We partner with these three hospitals to provide care in OB/GYN/Fertility/Women's Health.

What kinds of services are FWH providing?

FWH provides a full spectrum of services to care for women's health needs at different stages of life, including genecology, obstetrics, fertility management and various aspects of women's health management.

Does FWH accept international insurance?

American-Sino Women's and Children's Hospital is currently processing billing service for FWH patients. It accepts both international and domestic insurance in general, however, depending on whether your insurance company has the direct billing contract with them or not, the payment process might be different. Please make sure to check with your insurance company or with American-Sino billing department to better understand your insurance situation.

Is Ferguson Women's Health accepting late term maternity patients (ex. Pregnant 30+ weeks)?

We welcome women with special needs such as those at late pregnancy stage; the general cut off time for transfer of care is by 36 weeks.

What are the pre-natal and delivery fees?

The prenatal and delivery fee vary with different insurance benefit plans. For some non insured patients and limited insurance patients,the maternity packages at discounted prices can be offered. Please come to our office to discuss your individual plan.

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