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To bring health and happiness to every woman, while delivering care of the highest international standard.


  • To create a safe and welcoming place where each and every woman at all life stages receive the highest quality of treatment and care.
    We believe that when treating customers, we can only deliver exceptional outcomes when both our brains and our hearts are engaged together. With our brains, we focus on the disease itself, aiming for both quality and safety; with our hearts, we focus on humanity, providing personalized and warm services that each individual deserves.

  • To build an exciting and fulfilling place where staff work with passion and develop personally and professionally.
    We believe that to achieve the best healthcare services , we rely on every single FWH employee’s uncompromised professionalism and commitment. Each of us aims for flawless delivery of our services. At the same time, we care for our people and we promote mutual respect, personal growth, team work and work-life balance for each one of our team member.

  • To make more positive impact on women's health education and the community in which we work and live.
    We believe that improving the care and health education for women is always one of FWH’s first priorities. We are committed to help women to pay more attention to personal health, both physical and psychological, to know more about medical knowledge, and to promote a healthy living style. We are an organization that always aims for high --- we don't just deliver babies, we deliver happiness.


  • Customer first

  • Professionalism and pursuit of excellence

  • Compassion and mutual respect

  • Personal development and team work