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Our goal is to provide an outstanding quality of care with the most comfortable and relaxing experience so that you can have peace of mind. 

We apply international care guidelines and best practices while continuously building and upgrading our team with quality physicians. Our team has regular group case discussions in order to provide collaborative care focusing on each patient's individual healthcare needs. We have a practical on-the-job training system to ensure that every physician has the technical and interpersonal skills to meet your needs.

  • Dr. Michelle Lu-Ferguson

    I am a Fellow of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a Diplomate of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and am on the Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonography in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    I received my medical doctoral degree from the Medical College of Ohio, U.S.A. and a graduate degree from New York University (NYU).

    My residency training was with the Rutgers University Robert-Wood-Johnson Medical College, USA, where later I became a faculty involving in medical practice, teaching, and clinical research.

  • Experiences and Skills

    In the United States, I worked at a tertiary Women's and Children's Hospital, I gained extensive experience in high risk pregnancies and deliveries. Apart from obstetrics, my experience in women's health also includes infertility, pelvic floor dysfunction/urinary incontinence, uterine myoma, abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts/tumors, contraception, sexually transmitted infections, cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment. I have performed minimally invasive procedures, such as laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for more than 25 years.

    I gained extensive experience in hospital management as the Director of Women's Health and OB/GYN at ParkwayHealth and the Chief Medical Officer at Shanghai Redleaf International Hospital. I enjoy working with the teams to plan, direct, coordinate, and improve efficiency and quality in delivering the top medical and health services.

  • My story

    After almost 20 years of living in the United States, I came back to my hometown-Shanghai, with my American family. The rise of this city amazes us. The most rewarding thing for me in Shanghai is that I can take care of patients from all over the world, learning their culture and helping them to go through some difficult times in a new and unfamiliar environment. I become the family friend to many of my customers, which I feel so honored. I was once nominated by Expatriate Professional Women Society (EPWS) as the best foreign doctor in Shanghai.

    I am married to John, a Regional Chief Actuary in reinsurance. We have two daughters, Emma and Julia. As an OB/GYN, I have to spend a lot time in the hospital. Although they miss me very much, they never complain  about it. They are very proud of their mother's helping other moms and their babies. I am very grateful for my family for being so encouraging and supportive.

  • Dr. Jennifer Zou

    I am an Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Family Planning physician. I graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and have ten years of experience practicing OB/GYN in a large maternity center in Shanghai.

    I have provided maternity care and women's healthcare service to over 2,000 customers, managed more than 1,000 normal delivery cases, around 200 C-sections and over 100 water birth cases. I have Family Planning Certificate, and managed around 500 pregnancy termination cases, both through medication and surgeries. Over 10,000 outpatient customers received my treatment.

  • Experiences and Skills

    My special interests are in maternity care, labor and delivery including water birth. I focus on exercise and weight control during pregnancy, advocate natural vaginal delivery and breastfeeding. I also provide you with general gynecological care, including screening and treatment of gynecological issues.

  • My story

    My husband is a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon. Together we help many patients whose fetuses unfortunately were suffering from congenital heart disease with prenatal diagnosis and treatment after birth.  I am a mother of two daughters. I like to accompany them for drawing, sporting and travelling. They also like to hear the magical stories of the birth of new lives.      

    I sincerely hope to bring you a pleasant clinic experience and professional services which are careful, thoughtful and excellent.

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  • Dr. Sylvia Dai

    I am a Senior OB/GYN Consultant, having more than 20 years of OBGYN experience.

    I have provided maternity care & healthcare service to over 5000 ladies, managed over 2000 normal delivery cases, performed over 600 C-sections, and completed over 1000 gynecological procedures.

  • Experiences and Skills

    I provide high-quality, evidence-based OB/GYN medical care for women from different countries, and specialize in prenatal care, labor, delivery, high-risk pregnancies and postpartum care. I am especially passionate in encouraging natural vaginal birth.

    At the same time, I have experience in healthcare for women, including general woman annual check, preconception counseling, infertility evaluation, menopause management, hormone replace treatment, vaginal infection, uterine fibroids, abnormal uterine bleeding, ovarian cysts/tumors, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screening. I have performed gynecological procedures, such as colposcopy, LEEP and hysteroscopy for over 15 years. And I am also interested in well-women wellness education.

    Finally, I am fluent in both English and Mandarin.

  • My story

    I am from Jiangsu Province, brought up in a family with one sister and one brother. My grandfathers were both doctors of traditional Chinese medicine. My parents were both high school teachers, and my sister and brother are both doctors, one is a surgeon and anther is a radiologist. 

    My daughter, Daisy, is talented in painting, wanting to become a designer in the future. Since she was a little girl, she is always proud of having a doctor mother. Knowing that her mother doesn’t belong to family only, but to her patients, she never complained. I always feel so thankful to my family for being supportive for me unconditionally.

    I attended Nanjing University. After practicing as an OB/GYN physician in my hometown for more than 10 years, I started my new career in Shanghai. Since 2005, I have been working in international hospitals. I have 6 years’  experience in Parkway, where I first met Dr. Lu-Ferguson and the members of the FergusonHealth team, and practiced for over 4 years in Redleaf hospital.

    It’s amazing to join FergusonHealth team, with the mission of bringing health and happiness to every woman, and to provide the best care in the highest international standard.

  • Louise Roy

    I am a Certified Childbirth Doula (CBI), Lactation Specialist (CLEC-UCSD), Accredited La Leche LeagueLeader, and Prenatal Educator. I am the Director of Operations at Ferguson Women's Health.

  • Experiences and Skills

    I have lived in Shanghai for over 14 years, and provide prenatal education, lactation counseling and patient support management.

  • My story

    I am originally from a small town in the Blue Mountains of Australia. My passion for pregnancy, birth and all aspects of baby care began as a small child and the natural extension of this was to continue working with women and children after my graduation from university.

    After working in East Timor and Nepal with disadvantaged women, youth and children, i joined my French-Canadian husband here in Shanghai in 2005. 

    Although I had worked with women, children and babies for many years, it was not until after the birth of our first child, Anais, in 2010 that I formally Certified as a Childbirth Doula and co-partnered in the operation of a childbirth support company, Shanghai Doula. During this time I also had my son Luca in 2012.

    We are joined at home by our two rescued Shanghai street kittens, Tiki and Ziggy, and have also opened our home to the temporary care of Chinese babies with special needs.

    My experience with postpartum families, both in Shanghai and abroad, revealed that huge numbers of women who wanted to breastfeed were not getting the qualified support they needed. This prompted me to specialize as a Certified Lactation Educator Counsellor. After the birth of my children I also became an accredited Leader of the La Leche League, an international breastfeeding support organization. 

    I love being able to help and spend time with parents before, during and after the birth of their child. I believe that every woman should have the support they need to facilitate the journey into parenting. I joined FergusonHealth in the beginning of 2016, and can happily say that it is an honour to be part of a company with the vision to support women and families in their own best journeys through life.

  • Amy Liu

    I am a qualified registered Nurse in China and hold a Master's Degree in Nursing Practice from South Wales University, in the UK.

    As a member of the Ferguson Health team, my role is to provide professional support to clients especially in the area of pre-conceptional counseling, ovulation monitoring, and facilitating and chaperoning clients to the reproductive hospital for fertility treatment. Assisted Reproduction can be a mentally and emotionally taxing time, and the one-on-one support we can provide in this area is invaluable. The journey to pregnancy can be a challenging one, and it is an honor to be a helpful guide on that road.

  • Experiences and Skills

    I received my Nursing degree in Shanghai and practiced at a Shanghai local hospital for 1 year. Through this time, I firmly believed in my decision to become an outstanding nurse and wanted to pursue further education in this area abroad. This prompted my move to the UK to continue my studies, and especially to enhance my communication skills and experience in managing complex patient care.

    After my return to Shanghai, I worked at an International Shanghai maternity hospital for over 5 years, and my deep and personal understanding of cultural difference between local and international families has formed the basis of my professional career.

    My work in the maternity sector led to a practice specialization in infertility and assisted reproduction. My aim is to combine on-site assistance during in-hospital treatment with out-of-hospital guidance and support, keeping the process as efficient and smooth as possible, while not forgetting the emotional needs of the client.

  • My story

    Born in Shanghai, my feelings for the city have always been very strong. However, during my time abroad I learned from a personal level what it means to come to a new country, and learn a new system and way of life. After living as a foreigner for 4 years at overseas, I returned to Shanghai expecting to feel at home, not realizing that life abroad changes you. I now keenly understand my expatriate clients on a level that I could not have otherwise felt. My passion is for learning, and sharing the information I learn with others. My love for helping people drew me to the nursing profession, and continues to fuel my work and life with confidence and hope.

  • Mindy Jin

    I am a registered nurse and midwife in China, with extensive experience in maternity care.

    My role at Ferguson Women's Health is to join the Patient Support Team with the aim to provide more support to even more women. I will give prenatal consultations and classes, provide Doula Support to assist clients during the birth, as well as give guidance and care after delivery.

    Working in various local and international hospitals in Shanghai, I have acquired a deep understanding of the culture of the different families from all over the world.

  • Experiences and Skills

    I worked in a local hospital from the year of 2007 to 2011, and I gained extensive experience in independent delivery, Doula support, waterbirth, postnatal home visits and prenatal education. I've been working in two international hospitals since the year of 2012, which has given me a unique understanding of the differences between maternity care in China and International countries.

    My background and bilingual language skills, enables me to communicate with each client efficiently, so as to reduce miscommunication and better tend to the needs of each woman. With accurate education and professional experience, I provide each client with qualified nursing care and psychological comfort.

    My work carries the mission of hope, as each time I see a new life waving its limbs and hearing its cry, I am proud of the job I do. This work is not just about delivering babies, but about creating families in an environment of love and support.

  • My story

    I am a mother of two boys, I love them and moreover I feel lucky that they both support my work. They will tell their class mates proudly: My mother is a midwife, she helps people delivery babies. My husband is a OB-GYN doctor, so you could say our whole family is about birth. The births of my own children were such different experiences, that it further opened my understanding of the positive result of a supporting environment at birth.