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Winner: Healthcare Provider of the Year

At FWH we are dedicated to delivering the highest medical standards, with the most personalized care. Our medical and maternity outcomes reflect this, month after month, year after year. 

Incredibly, these outcomes are delivered by a core FWH team of just 12 people, all passionate about improving healthcare. A small team with a big impact.  We work days... evenings... weekends... often putting our own families second, to serve the families of Shanghai first. We always strive to give our absolute best to each patient, so that they can have a quality experience tailored to not just their medical needs, but also their personal, emotional and cultural needs too.

However, our most important quality indicator is feedback from our patients... and they have spoken. 

The Time Out Shanghai 2019 Love Awards are proof that we are doing it right, that it is possible to make a difference in healthcare in this fast-paced city, and that all our efforts are working: we can deliver the very best healthcare.

Because we care.