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Maternity Care at Ferguson Health

Ferguson Health is committed to provide an outstanding quality of care with the most comfortable and relaxing experience.

Medical Care:

1. Patient-centered medical care based on the latest international guidelines:

All our  team doctors and staff follow the same medical and treatment protocols.

2. Highly experienced global medical team providing care for all pregnant women:

Making it easier to find the best support, when you need it most.

3. Your choices are highly respected:

You are involved in your own care, we discuss options with you, and reach the final decisions with you and your family.

4. High standards of delivery care:

We have low rates of c-section and other unnecessary interventions. We have variety of birthing options (including pain relief and waterbirth) so that you may acheive the birth you desire.

5. An entire team working for you and your safety:

Your regular doctor may be the main person to help you during this journey, but everyone in the team knows you. There's always someone to assist you, day or night, who knows your case and has the same standards as your regular physician. Our team-work improves the safety of your care.

6. Multiple language service for better communication

Our staff speak English, French, Dutch, basic Spanish and Chinese to help you to understand your options.

7. Much easier access to urgent care, just one call to our doctors

 Instant help, day or night.


1. Outpatient Clinic: 

Centrally located American Sino out-patient Clinic (the Former French Concession) for your prenatal care.

2. Birth Center at American-Sino Hospital 

The Delivery Suite is located in Xu Hui District (Song Yuan Lu), on a dedicated FWH International Birth Center (the 15th floor). This floor is equipped for each patient to receive their own 2-room Labor + Delivery + Postpartum (LDRP) suite. 


Prices for prenatal care and delivery include competitive, affordable packages as well as direct billing options. We have affordable packages for mid-pregnancy or late transfers also, so it's never too late to get the best care.


Billing services run through American-Sino billing department, with a range of Insurance Partners. If your insurance covers care at American-Sino Hospital, it will cover our care too. 

The Extra Touch: 

Because we care about high standard maternity care, we have developed a dedicated “Patient Support Program”, which provides a variety of extra services to you and your baby, many at no extra cost!

1. Prenatal Education (1-on-1 consultations; private/group classes)

2. Lactation Consultation & Drop-in Breastfeeding Clinic

3. Birth Doula Support

4. Nutritional Counselling

5. Mother's Discussion Group

6. Postpartum Home Visits

7. Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

8. Women's Physiotherapy 

9. Pregnancy Yoga by our Midwife Consultant

10. Mother's Discussion Group